Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oh look at this beautiful apron ! !

There is a contest for a beautiful apron. I love the color its gorgeous. Go check it out for yourself. Here is the link I put my name in the hat too. So get on over there the giveaway ends on Sept 26.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

E-books made Easy with IREX!

I saw this link for a contest about the IREX e-book reader. It compares itself to the Kindle or the Sony ereader. Boy I would love to try it out. I love reading in bed but the lighting leaves alot to be desired. I would love a reader that can be read in bed without bothering anyone. The most important feature in an ereader for me is ability to see it at night to read in bed and ability to get ebooks from different sources (sorry thats two). This sounds like a great reader especially now that all Barnes & Noble ebooks can be used on it. Yahoo. At the website posted below the interview from Kevin Hamilton of IREX discussing the reader is there it is great. WOW competition in the ebook reader market sure can only help us consumers get the best choice for our individual lifestyles. I have been longing for an ebook reader for a long time, maybe soon I will jump into the market after some research to see which one is the best fit for me. Right now a contest is going on at so go check it out and make your own blog entry and enter the link at Mr. Linky for a chance. Its dated September 14, 2009 its down the page toward the bottom. Good luck to all.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fiber is great for all!

Now I am not talking about the fiber you eat or the fiber you wear sure those are great for all of us but what about fiber technology! I wish fiber technology was available in all areas especially in my area. It is so much faster than standard cable or DSL. The telecom companies should get on-board with this technology because our population is growing and it seems so many people feel the need for instant information and access so this technology is needed to allow the ability to carry so much infomation quickly. If more companies got into this the cost would go down and that makes it easier for consumers in the long run. There are a few companies out there with this technology (Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-Verse) however it isn't available in most areas.

I currently have the lowest end high-speed DSL, but would sure love to get the faster fiber option. My area was one of the last around here to get the DSL service so I expect it will be one of the last areas to get the fiber technology.

To learn more about fiber optics visit

Friday, August 28, 2009

Interesting band

Not sure how to post a widget but here is my try. Cool a band dedicated to womens cancer.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cool contest of ebook reader

There is a cool contest over at romance readers for an ebook reader.

Although I am not positive its still going on but I figured its worth a shot. Oh well good luck.

HP Poorer than you contest submission

Hi. This is my submission. I hope you enjoy its a song sung to Clementine! I am NOT a singer and NOT good looking but it was fun. I couldn't get the video to upload to youtube in one shot for some reason on my system it worked and sounded great (well at least you could hear me!) but when it got to youtube is was only 11 sec the first time and the second one was 11 sec too.

Here are links to the two

Well at least you get an idea of what I did. I made them public (boy I hope there are not alot of negative comments--be gentle people firsttimer here!). It was fun. Thanks for the chance.

The words are:

Saving money as a student isn't hard if you try
go to thrift stores even flea markets
and Craigslist for a buy.

Ask your parents or your grandmas
to give you gift cards for food and fun.

Don't get sucked in to using credit cards
you will lose in the end.

Bank on-lin if you can
it will save you interest and late fees
and your time.

Enjoy your school year have some fun
save your pennies you might need them
to buy the next round of beer.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

HP Back to School

Back to school is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!
College in Miami Florida is cool -- NOT.
I walked and sweated across campus all the way.
And cursed why did I schedule my classes in the day.
Being from Cleveland the blue skies looked nice.
But staying in the air conditioning made me think twice.
Back to school is time for elders to give some advice.
Use extra deodorant and even then its a roll of the dice.
Who smells worse you or the next guy.
It was me a few times I will not lie.

Stay cool and learn from my tale.
August in Miami is not for the frail.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Aprons are my newest obsession!

I love aprons and everytime I see apron givaways I enter them. I won one beautiful apron and it is so gorgeous I only wear it when company comes. I saw a new contest and here is the link

And here is a button if my copying and pasting works -- phoey it didn't work. Sorry I cannot get the button to post. Not sure why. I see it could be a prob with ie8 and blogger. Uggg--nothing but problems since I upgraded to ie8. Contest is on till July 13, 2009.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Boojiboo Flirty Apron GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Great contest for a gorgeous apron. I love the sexy style of these aprons. Good luck to all.

Boojiboo Flirty Apron GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I would love a Kindle. I have been thinking about them for a while and I love new gadgets and I love to read so put the two together and I think Kindle. I think it would really improve my reading habits by allowing me to read in the bedroom (which I had not been doing because of the lights I would need). I love to read in bed and this would be a nice way to do it without turning on lots of lights. I see there are a few contests for them so I am trying to win one. There is a wonderful contest at where Julie is giving away a Kindle2. Yahoo! I am trying to win. Now on to twitter to figure out how to twitter someone!

Monday, March 2, 2009

My two princesses!

These are my two princesses. They are having fun with the wonderful princess dresses they received just yesterday. This is our spring fun photo! There is a wonderful giveaway for a Seagate backup system and here is the link

Monday, February 2, 2009

Wonderful group of bloggers

I just wanted to say I am truly inspired by all the bloggers I am visiting in the One World One Heart giveaway. I have honestly never seen such wonderful art in so many different mediums. I am in awe as I go from site to site I don't think the art could get any better and then the next one surprises me. I am so glad I got the chance to visit such wonderful sites it has inspired me to finish the scrapbook I started when my first daughter was born and finish my quilts I have partially done. I hope to join in the One World One Heart next year!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart you are so talented and inspiring!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Insurance !!!!!

Well I am upset today. State Farm is trying to pull out of Florida for homeowners insurance but wants all their customers to keep using them for auto insurance! What! No Way! I have been with State Farm since 1980 and this is how they treat old long-time customers. I did not hear there have been an extraordinary amount of home fires or home thefts that would cause State Farm to have tremendous losses. I will be looking around on Monday. THANKS ALOT STATE FARM!

I have more to add 2/10/09

I see what you are saying-- but in todays paper 2/10/09 here is a quote."State Farm said it's losing $20 million per month, in part because of discounts it's giving under state law to customers who fortified their homes against hurricanes. The company earned $134 million in 2006, $108 million in 2007 and lost $199 million in 2008, largely due to its agreement with the state last year to refund $120 million to customers who didn't receive the so-called mitigation discounts. But as of late last year, it had $621 million in reserves."

If you take the two years without the refund amount you see an earnings of 43mill. Yes it had to give back 120mill because it overcharged alot but that was a one time thing. Also this is an old time insurance company that had profits for years and years. Sure they did have some hurricane losses -- but that was in certain areas of FL not ALL of FL. And they also pulled out of windstorm coverage in South FL years ago. If they were afraid of windstorm losses they could have pulled out of windstorm coverage for all of coastal areas but kept inland coverage and also kept all other homeowner insurance. I have NEVER read that fires or theft are putting them out of business.

The conspiracy junky in my thinks its because they are overinsuring homes (ie because so many people bought when home prices were high they got mortgages for the high amount but Oh Oh the homes are not worth that but the homeowners are required to have ins to cover the mortgage--and State Farm is afraid they would be holding the bag on the overinsurance!). Thats what I think is the REAL reason.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My far between posts! This one about Ebooks

I don't know about you guys but I love Ebooks they are so convienent. You never need to go to the bookstore, although I do love just browsing the shelves and the coffee. The price is right too, books have become so expensive -- hardbacks are too expensive for me and paperbacks are getting right up there too. And with Ebooks you don't have to figure out what to do with the books after you read them just delete and you are done. And Ebooks are green--not wasting paper. So think about ebooks the next time you are buying a book.

Books on Board is a wonderful place to get Ebooks, they have a great selection a large number of books (they have ALL the bestsellers) and the prices are great! -- here is the link to the home site to search for your favorite authors Books on Board is having a contest now for a Sony Ebooks reader and here is the link . Others sites to buy ebooks are Amazon and many other sites. Please consider Ebooks for your next purchase. Thanks for reading my latest soapbox stand.