Thursday, August 20, 2009

HP Poorer than you contest submission

Hi. This is my submission. I hope you enjoy its a song sung to Clementine! I am NOT a singer and NOT good looking but it was fun. I couldn't get the video to upload to youtube in one shot for some reason on my system it worked and sounded great (well at least you could hear me!) but when it got to youtube is was only 11 sec the first time and the second one was 11 sec too.

Here are links to the two

Well at least you get an idea of what I did. I made them public (boy I hope there are not alot of negative comments--be gentle people firsttimer here!). It was fun. Thanks for the chance.

The words are:

Saving money as a student isn't hard if you try
go to thrift stores even flea markets
and Craigslist for a buy.

Ask your parents or your grandmas
to give you gift cards for food and fun.

Don't get sucked in to using credit cards
you will lose in the end.

Bank on-lin if you can
it will save you interest and late fees
and your time.

Enjoy your school year have some fun
save your pennies you might need them
to buy the next round of beer.

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