Monday, December 6, 2010

To My Daughters Teachers

That Teacher is You!

A teacher gentle, a teacher kind
helping shape a childs mind!
My child has learned and grown so much
through your hard work and guiding touch!
You have seen her thru, thick and thin
although she doesn't always win!
She's in the race and always proud
with you cheering beside her loud!
I've seen the way she looks at you
happy with awe to learn something new!
Although you have so very many
you treasure them like a shiny penny!

I am writing from my heart to thank you
for all the good, hard work that you do.
I know its sometimes hard to see
the growth within just like a tree.
Know that with time the growth is shown
as she journeys forward not alone.
You've helped to shape and mold
a young heart and that is gold!
As I close I positively have to say.
Thank you and enjoy your holiday!

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